Modular Vent

Our multifunctional air vent can be installed as an air inlet or outlet. Select the functionality that suits your needs!

After lifting the cap upward, you can easily remove the louver to convert it. You also have the option of adding a ventilator grille. You can make these modifications in a few seconds without any tools!

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Produit VENT-R

Competitive Product Advantages

  • Discrete

    60% quieter than current products available on the market

  • Aesthetics

    It features a modern screen design

  • Timely

    It can be converted in less than 30 seconds without tools

  • Recyclable

    100% Recyclable Components

  • Efficient

    It contains a seal that retains its properties despite temperature differences

A Revolutionary Product

The Vent-R has been exclusively designed and produced by Prolifik’s team of experts. It allows you to add a screen to your air outlets. Our sleek and modern screen gives your vents a stylish look thanks to its herringbone design.

Reduces your inventory size and makes handling easy with this modular product that offers two usage options!

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How the Vent-R Works

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Modular and Recyclable Components

All our components
The modular damper components
Cap and screen inside
Cap with base without damper interior
Open damper
Complete interior, base and damper

Technical Specifications


Part NumberDescriptionDiameterFinish
2774Air outlet with flap4Galvanized
2775Air outlet with flap5Galvanized
2776Air outlet with flap6Galvanized
2774EAir inlet with screen4Galvanized
2775EAir inlet with screen5Galvanized
2776EAir inlet with screen6Galvanized
2774BLAir outlet with flap4White
2775BLAir outlet with flap5White
2776BLAir outlet with flap6White
2774EBLAir inlet with screen4White
2775EBLAir inlet with screen5White
2776EBLAir inlet with screen6White
2774PNAir outlet with flap4Black
2775PNAir outlet with flap5Black
2776PNAir outlet with flap6Black
2774EPNAir inlet with screen4Black
2775EPNAir inlet with screene5Black
2776EPNAir inlet with screen6Black
2774SEInlet and/or outlet4Galvanized
2775SEInlet and/or outlet5Galvanized
2776SEInlet and/or outlet6Galvanized
2774SEBLInlet and/or outlet4White
2775SEBLInlet and/or outlet5White
2776SEBLInlet and/or outlet6White
2774SEPNInlet and/or outlet4Black
2775SEPNInlet and/or outlet5Black
2776SEPNInlet and/or outlet6Black

Our Various Finishes Options

Lateral view of the Vent-R with white finish
Lateral view of the Vent-R with black finish
Lateral view of the Vent-R with charcoal finish
Lateral view of the Vent-R with brown finish
Lateral view of the Vent-R with stone grey finish
Lateral view of the Vent-R with galvanized finish


It is essential to remove the grate from this product when it is used as an air outlet for a drying machine. Otherwise, lint may collect into the drainpipe or into the vent, resulting in overheating. This is a common cause of fire.

Safety warning
and legal warranty

To reduce the risk of fire and to allow air circulation, this product is intended for outdoor use only. It is not to be installed in attics, garages, inside walls and ceilings or in any other enclosed space.

This product is designed for general ventilation purposes only. Do not use to evacuate hazardous fumes or explosive materials.

Installation must be performed by a qualified professional, in the following cases:

  • Openings in exterior and interior walls that have not yet been bored. Make sure there are no posts, wires or pipes obstructing the area.
  • Clogged, punctured or otherwise damaged vent pipe
  • If you have no technical training, knowledge or experience. There is a risk of injury from cuts, flying debris, electrocution, etc.

Assess your situation before installing this product.

If you decide to do the installation yourself, please follow the instructions provided on the package rigorously. In addition :

  • Wear gloves and protective eyewear.
  • Only use paint designed for metal or plastic, as the case may be.
  • Comply with all applicable building codes and regulations.


Prolifik Inc. is not responsible for any physical, material or other types of damages, whether direct or indirect, in connection with the handling, installation or use of its products that was not done in compliance with the installation instructions, this safety warning or any other recommendation which may have been issued by Prolifik Inc.

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